Group Sessions

The workshops are kept up to a maximum of 8 clients within the tranquil Tahi Studio which provides a relaxed, informal learning environment. 

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Pregnancy Prehab

This comprehensive workshop is delivered over two 1.5hr sessions held on wednesday evenings to facilitate women in preparation for birth. Whether this is your first or third pregnancy or whether you are planning to have a natural delivery or planned cesarean, this course will guide you through the journey of your pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. 

In the workshop we will cover:

  • Postural education and minimise pelvic girdle/lower back pain

  • How to synchronise the breath, pelvic floor and core unit

  • Mobility and strengthening exercise safe for pregnancy and 4th trimester

  • Considerations of Labour/Delivery positions

  • Techniques to help create balance and symmetry within the body, to help optimise baby's position

  • Management of perineum and cesarean wounds/scars 

  • Maternal care during the 4th trimester

  • Awareness of prolapse, diastasis recti and returning to exercise postnatally

Investment is $90 which includes all handout material, exercise band and a discounted post-natal initial visit after arrival of your baby (from 6 weeks+)

Good Bladder & Bowel Habits: What you need to know

An education and advice session which promises to inform you on how your bladder and bowel should be functioning. This is an ideal session for anyone who may be experiencing bladder or bowel issues such as Constipation, Urinary Incontinence, Frequency (increased visits to the toilet) or Urgency (rushing to the toilet). Handouts will be included.

Disability Access
Three Generations

Pelvic Health Rehab & Restore

An educational and practical session which promises to teach women how to connect with their pelvic floor as well restore its function. This is an ideal class for any woman who has been diagnosed with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and wants to learn how to manage this more effectively and return to activity safely. It would also be suitable for anyone who has had or is awaiting Gynae Surgery. Handouts and Theraband are included.


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